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Pharm Front. 2019;1:e190001.


New Journal Launch: Pharmaceutical Frontiers

Michio Kurosu

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tennessee, USA.

Received: 27 November 2018; Published: 28 November 2018

It is my great pleasure as the founding Editor-in-Chief to announce the launch of Pharmaceutical Frontiers, a multidisciplinary journal covering the broad range of scientific disciplines critical to the discovery and development of new drugs and improved therapies against diseases.

Current drug development and discovery are one of the most sophisticated processes that contribute to human health and well-being. Since the establishment of molecular target-based approaches, significant advances have been realized in the current drug discovery processes. Optimization of drug formulation and delivery systems is a key factor for successful and efficient preclinical to clinical translation. Catching up with new discoveries in pharmaceutical sciences requires a uniquely organized platform that comprehensively covers updates of this interdisciplinary filed. We hope that Pharmaceutical Frontiers will be such an advanced forum for the exchange of latest knowledge pertaining to pharmaceutical research by providing quality open access, peer-reviewed scientific content. Accessibility via the internet will expedite the review, publication, and dissemination of research findings and achievements, thereby offering speed and convenience to authors, reviewers as well as readers. We have succeeded in assembling an editorial board or advisory board consisting of distinguished researchers across the world. I am delighted to be part of this new endeavor, and looking forward to working with them together to build from ground up a recognized and trusted journal offering leading knowledge in drug development and discovery.

The pharmaceutical sciences is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that integrates the chemical, biological and biomedical science areas related to drug discovery. Pharmaceutical Frontiers will report new findings in all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences. Topics include but not limited to, new preclinical drug leads, new medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry and methodologies, novel pharmaceutical methods including drug delivery, formulation, prodrug and nano-medicine, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics towards new drug discovery, pharmacognosy, clinical study data for new drugs, toxicology, and clinical pharmacy. Our goal is to publish cutting-edge articles associated with the scope of this journal and disseminate them world-widely in a timely manner.

We welcome original research articles, review papers, perspectives, commentaries, novel protocols, video articles, patent reviews and editorials in the field of pharmaceutical sciences that are interesting to industrial researchers, academics, or the public worldwide. There are no word limits for each article type, and we ask authors to write their methods and results in as much details as possible so that others can reproduce the research.

We hope that you will read our published content, submit your papers, help with peer review, inform your colleagues about the journal Pharmaceutical Frontiers, and contribute to the journal's continuous improvement by giving us your valuable comments and proposals.

Michio Kurosu

Founding Editor-in-Chief of Pharmaceutical Frontiers

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